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If you’re like most people, your home is filled with junk that you don’t need. Old clothes, broken appliances, toys that your kids have outgrown–it can be hard to know what to do with it all. Including yard waste, old furniture, and general household clutter, the mess is never-ending. Fortunately, Trash Transporter is here to help!

We are a locally owned and operated junk removal company that serves Kitsap County. Moreover, our team provides our customers fast, friendly, and affordable service. So, whether you need help clearing out your garage or hauling away an old fridge, we will get the job done quickly and efficiently. And because we recycle and donate as much as possible, you can feel good knowing that your junk is being put to good use.

With our network of authorized donation centers, recycling centers, and transfer stations, it’s easy for us to dispose of or recycle your junk properly. In addition, our team will provide you with a free estimate before we take your trash, so there are always surprises.


Trash Transporter has the best capable team in the junk removal business. We are local professionals working in residential or commercial areas. Moreover, our team does things the right way so your home or business can return to what matters: a home project or business venture.

In addition, we do all the heavy (and light) work; Trash Transporter donates, recycles, or disposes of your items; and we leave you with a clean, swept area, providing a complete service. 

You’re in excellent hands when you rely on us for your junk removal services. If you’re in Bainbridge, Bremerton, Gig Harbor, Kingston, Port Orchard, Poulsbo, Silverdale, and Tacoma, call now for your free estimate.

We know that construction projects can create a lot of waste, and we want to help you dispose of it safely and responsibly. Our team will come to your job site and remove all construction debris, including wood, drywall, insulation, and concrete. This service is available for both residential and commercial construction projects. Contact us today to learn more about our construction debris removal service.

Sometimes life can be challenging, and you must get rid of some things. For this reason, Trash Transporter offers an easy and convenient way for customers to remove unwanted furniture, including old sofas, chairs, desks, and dressers. We will pick up the furniture from customers’ homes.

Whether it’s an old mattress, a broken TV, or a piece of furniture you no longer need, we’ll take it off your hands. This service is perfect for anyone who is decluttering their home or trying to get rid of large items that they can’t fit in their garbage can. While most people know how to dispose of small appliances, bulky items can pose a challenge. Trash Transporter offers Bulky Item Pickup services to help eliminate the hassle of disposing of large things.

Hot tubs are large and heavy, making it difficult to move independently. That’s where Trash Transporter comes in. We’ll come to your home, disconnect the hot tub, and haul it away for you. Our team will dispose of it properly, so you don’t have to worry about it ending in a landfill. Our company will come and pick up your old hot tub and take it away, all for a very reasonable price.

We offer debris removal services for both residential and commercial customers. Our company has a variety of trucks and trailers to accommodate any size load. We also have a team of experienced operators who can quickly and efficiently remove your debris. Plus, Trash Transporter offers competitive rates and flexible scheduling.  No matter the size or type of debris, our crew is equipped to handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Like most people, you have a few old appliances occupying your home. Maybe it’s an old refrigerator replaced by a newer model or a washing machine that finally gave out after years of faithful service. Whatever the case, getting rid of these appliances can be a real challenge. Fortunately, Trash Transporter offers appliance removal services to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We’ll come to your home, remove the appliance, and haul it away for you.

Trash Transporter not only offers removal of large items such as appliances and furniture, but we also specialize in carpet removal. We understand that getting rid of old carpets can be challenging and time-consuming, which is why we are here to help. Our team of professionals will quickly and efficiently remove your old carpet, haul it away, and dispose of it responsibly.

Yard debris removal can be one of the most challenging and irritating parts of homeowner maintenance. Finding ways to efficiently manage it is a task that vexes many homeowners year-round. While regular maintenance such as mowing, raking, and pruning is essential for keeping your outdoor space looking its best (not to mention staving off dangerous pests!), getting rid of big loads of yard waste – sticks and branches, piles of leaves or grass clippings – can often seem overwhelming.

As anyone who has ever tackled a major cleaning project knows, getting rid of all the unwanted junk can be a real challenge. It’s not just gathering everything up and taking it to the dump. Often, large items need to be disposed of, and estate clean-outs can be especially daunting. That’s where Trash Transporter comes in. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you and make sure everything is disposed of properly.

Do you have a cluttered office that needs a serious clean-out? If so, Trash Transporter can help. We’ll thoroughly clean your office, removing all unwanted items and leaving you with a neat and orderly workspace. Our team will start by sorting through all the clutter and identifying what can be donated, recycled, or thrown away. As a result, you can focus on running your business instead of dealing with the mess.

The garage is a place to store your car and some extra belongings. However, it can become a dumping ground for everything from old furniture to unwanted clothes over time. If you’re looking to declutter your home, Trash Transporter can help. We offer garage clean-out services that will haul away all your unwanted items, leaving you with a clean and organized space. Our company will even sort through your belongings and donate anything that can be reused.

Most people don’t give much thought to their basements until they need to use them for storage. If your basement has become cluttered and cramped, Trash Transporter can help. We offer basement clean-outs that are quick and easy. Our crew will haul away all the junk, leaving you with a clean and usable space. Whether you’re planning to use your basement for storage or want to create a new living area, we can help you get the process started.

We offer professional attic clean-out services that will take care of all the hard work for you. Our team will haul away all the junk and debris, leaving your attic clean and clutter-free. Attic clean-outs can be messy and time-consuming, but with Trash Transporter, they’re easy and stress-free. We’ll remove all the old clothes, broken furniture, and unused boxes in your attic.

No one likes a cluttered house, but for some people, the problem is much bigger than a messy room. Trash Transporter offers professional hoarding clean-outs to help you get your home back in order. Our experienced professionals will work with you to sort through your belongings and discard anything that is no longer useful or necessary. We understand that it can be difficult to let go of things, but we will work with you every step to ensure your home is safe and healthy.

We offer convenient and affordable commercial clean-out services to businesses in the area. Whether you’re looking to clear out a few items or an entire office, Trash Transporter can help. Our team will work around your schedule to ensure the process is as convenient as possible. And because we recycle and donate as much as possible, you can be confident that your old office furniture and equipment will be put to good use. We’ll create a custom plan that fits your needs and budget.

If you have an old, cluttered property that needs to be cleared out in an efficient manner, Trash Transporter is the one-stop shop for all of your property clean-out needs. We know how challenging it can be to rid yourself of unwanted items when time is limited or resources are scarce; that’s why Trash Transporter provides an easy solution – our professionally trained crew will help eliminate your worries and ensure everything gets taken care of quickly and effectively.

We offer deck removal services that are fast, efficient, and affordable. If your deck is old, damaged, or simply in the way, we can take care of it for you. Our company understands that getting rid of a deck can be a big project, so we offer convenient, hassle-free services. We will come to your home and remove the deck quickly and efficiently. Our crew will even haul away the debris for you so that you don’t have to deal with it.

We know that a tidy yard is a happy yard. But we also know that sometimes life gets in the way of yard work. Whether your fence is made of wood, chain link, or another material, our team can remove it quickly and safely. We understand that sometimes fences need to be removed due to damage, age, or changing property boundaries. Whatever the reason, Trash Transporter are here to help. We’ll come to your home, remove your old fence, and haul it away, leaving you with a clean slate. Our team has the experience and equipment necessary to remove any type of fence.

Your shed is more than just a place to store your lawn mower and garden tools. It’s a refuge, a sanctuary, a personal oasis. But when the time comes to move on from it, we’re here to help. We offer Shed Removal services to get rid of the hassle and stress of dealing with an old shed. Our team will carefully and expertly dismantle your shed and haul it away, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. So when it’s time to say goodbye to your shed, let the Trash Transporter take care of everything.

We offer swing set removal services to make disposing of your unwanted playground equipment easy and hassle-free. We’ll come to your home, disassemble the swing set, and haul it away, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Plus, we recycle or donate as much of the material as possible, so you can feel good about knowing that your old swing set is being put to good use.

You may need to remove your pool if it has become dilapidated and is no longer safe or usable. The pool must be drained of water, and the heavy walls must be dismantled. In addition, the surrounding deck and patio must be taken apart. As a result, hiring a professional company like Trash Transporter with the experience and equipment necessary to safely and efficiently remove an above-ground pool is important. With our team of experienced professionals, we will have your pool removed in no time.

Trash Transporter offers bathroom demolition services to make the process easy and stress-free. We’ll come to your home and remove everything from toilets and sinks to bathtubs and showers. We’ll haul away any debris so you don’t have to deal with the mess. Best of all, our rates are very competitive so you can save money on your renovation.



Trash Transporter is Kitsap County’s team of licensed and insured professionals. We have many years of experience in fast and efficient junk sorting and removal. From scrap metal to hazardous materials, our professionals arrive promptly with everything needed to clean up your property. Rather than risk injury, infection or damage, it is highly recommended that you contact experienced professionals.


We are the company to call when you have unwanted trash that needs to be gone for a long time now. We have been assisting customers throughout Kitsap County and surrounding areas in helping clear out their unwanted possessions. We guarantee proper disposal or recycling of your stuff.y.


We are locally owned and operated, meaning all our revenue stays in Kitsap County. You can support your local small business by choosing Trash Transporter – what are you waiting for? Don’t let junk take over your precious space. Call us today or book an appointment online and let our junk removal experts help you.


Depending on availability, we can schedule a junk removal appointment as early as tomorrow. Once we receive your online booking, we will contact you to confirm. With our service, you only pay for the space you use. Prices will be based on the volume of each load. We look forward to helping you declutter your life with our local junk removal services!


We’re as-local-as-it-gets junk removal professionals who tackle any residential or commercial job. Our company is the most capable hand in the business. The clean-cut, uniformed team of Transporters are Get-the-Job-Done-Right kind of guys. Additionally, our crew believes in doing things the right way so you can return to what matters – a home project or a business venture.

Trash Transporter provides full-service junk removal. It means we do all the heavy (and light) lifting; we donate, recycle, or dispose of your items; and leave you with a clean, swept area. 

When you work with our licensed and insured professionals, you can confidently deal with our reputable company. We’ll have the necessary permits to operate in your area and be fully insured if something goes wrong.

360.979.JUNK (5865)


work-team-3guys junk removal trash transporter



At Trash Transporter we address all your junk removal concerns with a well planned, fast and affordable priced strategy. We make getting rid of your trash easier and more with the best crew and techniques on board.



5% off for every 30 minutes late, up to 15%. Whether it be just some old furniture that needs to go or an entire house full of junk or large bulky items that need to be removed, don’t hesitate to call on our experts today.



Quote will not change! All our rates are based on the volume that the scrap occupies in the truck. Once we know everything you want to remove, we will give you our estimate. Trash Transporter do all of this before we start any work.



At Trash Transporter, we are thankful for those who serve our country and our community. We offer a $25 discount on all of our services for military, teachers, first-responders, small businesses, etc. This discount can be used as many times as you want.



Contact us through text, email, or phone and detail what you want to pick up, and we’ll provide you a rough estimate of what it’ll cost to remove your junk.

We book our appointments with a 2-hour window to ensure we can manage our trucks and keep our customer’s expectations high.

Our professional team will call you 30 minutes before arriving to ensure you are still ok with the time you booked. Once they come, they’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to remove your junk.

Once there, our crew will remove any junk you point out to them. Then, they’ll start loading up the truck, doing all the heavy lifting, and getting ready to go.

After you sign off on the work done and are happy with our service, our junk removal team will head out and start the process of recycling and donating your junk items.




Throwing away junk is much more than just removing the things you no longer need. For Trash Transporter, with the planet’s welfare in mind, finding environmentally friendly ways of disposal is crucial to our operations. Unfortunately, not all trash collection services are as conscientious as we are. Some pick up the trash you order from them and dispose of it immediately, disregarding the many disposal options available. 

However, when you choose Trash Transporter, you know the importance of caring for the environment and helping to save the planet while getting rid of things you don’t need. Before removing anything, our team will review the items you are getting rid of. We set aside anything we think may be of value to you, and the rest we put on our truck. We do this to ensure you are not inadvertently throwing away things you want.

Once you have reviewed the things we have set aside and feel that they are indeed things you want to get rid of, everything is placed on our truck and transported to our facility. At our facility, another sorting is done. It is to separate items that can donate from those that cannot. These other piles are sorted again. Things that can recycle immediately are separated from those that may need work before being recycled. We then donate the items marked as ideal for donation to charities, thrift stores, and other worthwhile causes that we believe in.

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With a range of services to make your junk removal project run as smoothly as possible, Trash Transporter is the #1 company that will take your waste off your hands. In addition to junk removal, we specialize in cleanups and demolitions, which is why we have positioned ourselves as one of the favorite local companies. Our preparation, protocols, professionalism and safety make our team the best in the industry.

Want to make sure your junk is handled responsibly and recycled to avoid contributing to overloaded landfills? At Trash Transporter, we take care to recycle as much as possible.



“These guys were GREAT! They called when they said they would and showed up on time. Everything was cleaned up perfectly, even in the rainy weather. I woulduse them again and certainly would recommend them. They wanted to work with me to make sure I was happy and get the job done right.” – Nancy T.
“Trash Transporter will take almost anything. They are fast, thorough, and responsible. I have used their services several times to clean out a large estate.” – Maia P.
“They did an amazing job, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who would need it.” – Shaun G
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