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Our Commitment to Responsible Disposal

We practice landfill diversion in every haul we do. Our goal is to keep as many items as we can out of landfills to help preserve our environment AND save you money along the way.

We accomplish this through donating what we can and recycling whenever possible. We recycle through wood waste and metal recycling facilities, as well as solid waste departments throughout Kitsap Peninsula. We donate gently used and working order items to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, St. Vincent de Paul, and more.

If you’re wondering just how much waste we divert, we’ve had many instances where we’ve recycled or donated ENTIRE junk removal jobs. On average, about 60% of the items we haul get recycled or donated. That’s hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

Responsible disposal not only benefits the planet, but benefits your wallet as well. We don’t have to pay as many fees for landfill drops – this means we can charge you less than other companies that don’t practice landfill diversion.

We proudly serve the Western Puget Sound, Kitsap Peninsula, WA region including Silverdale, Port Orchard, Poulsbo, Kitsap County, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Gig Harbor, Kingston, and surrounding areas.