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Tips for Getting Rid of your Junk While Planning Your Move

The best time to remove junk from your home is when you are about to move into a new apartment.

Sometimes it can be disconcerting to get rid of those items you no longer want. However, moving into a new property is an excellent opportunity to do so. Here are some tips on how to do it successfully

Tips for getting rid of junk before the move:

1. Start now

No matter how much time you have before you want to move, you should start the organizing process now. First, start sorting; this will help you keep only valuable items instead of having to rush through everything when the time comes.

2. Identify and sort your junk

While you may have a packing and organizing formula that works for you, from experience with junk removal at Trash Transporter, we advise you to use a straightforward approach. If you’re reducing items, you’ll need to identify and sort, even those to give away or discard. Then, decide based on each of them importance before concluding whether it is worth keeping. 

3. Be ready to say goodbye

Of course, it is not easy to say goodbye to some possessions that have become part of you. But you have to decide to let them go, especially if they are no longer applicable. It’s understandable to feel sentimentally attached to some items based on how and when you received them back in the day. However, if your only reason for keeping them is the sentiment they bring, dare to let them go so you have less junk to deal with in your new apartment.

4. Documents and magazines

You’ve been saving them for a long time, but if it’s been long since you last read them or used them, it’s time to get rid of them. Newspapers, magazines, old novels, diaries, etc., can add to the load you’ll have to deal with while moving. So, you should compare them to only the most important ones and eliminate the rest.

5. Make it a routine

Things break, fade and get old from time to time, and you should pay attention to anything that isn’t useful. Then, make it a regular chore to get rid of them before they create another pile around you or in the storage room. Try to pick one day a month always to do this.

Regardless of your current or new location, you can always contact our Trash Transporter team, who will perform a thorough job on a single day to keep your home free of junk.

Junk Removal Specialists

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