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Trash Transporter’s Top Tips for De-Cluttering Before the Holidays

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and loved ones to gather. Ensuring your home is in tip-top shape before guests arrive is at the top of everyone’s list. Clear space in your home and mind by de-cluttering your home and creating extra space for decorations or guests. Here are Trash Transporter’s three simple steps to take before calling us for assistance.

1) Evaluate your living room & family room, identify any broken or unused furniture, old books and clothes or shoes that no longer fit.

2) Go through your garage and pull aside any of the broken appliances or donation items you’ve been meaning to drop off.

3) Look around your yard. Do you have leaves piling up? An old broken swing set or hot tub?

Don’t let the holiday season be a source of stress because your home is cluttered. We help to eliminate stress by doing the heavy lifting for you. Follow Trash Transporter’s simple tips for de-cluttering and call us at (360) 979-JUNK (5865) when you’re ready to get rid of the items you no longer need. Visit us online at https://trashtransporterllc.com to view a complete list of services offered. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!