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List-Ready Legends

No Upfront Costs:

Your Clients won’t worry about upfront costs. They pay when the house sells, making it hassle-free.

Preferred Timing:

We will do our best to provide service on your preferred schedule, enhancing convenience and flexibility for you and your clients.

Legendary Accountability:

We’re committed to excellence, guaranteeing top-quality service. Our team of service providers hold themselves mutually accountable to each other, you, and your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of whether the property lists or sells, payment is due net 45 for all service providers.

Yes. The realtor agrees to make full payment if full payments are not received from escrow or seller proceeds within 45 days.

If escrow or seller proceeds do not cover the total costs, the realtor agrees to cover the rest of the payment.

No. Feel free to use any single company, combination of companies, or all the companies listed at your convenience. 

At this time, yes. Every service provider has their unique schedule, process, and knows how their business can best serve you, so they will need to be contacted directly.  

We understand that in real estate transactions, often ‘time is of the essence’. In case a service provider is fully booked due to the high demand for our program, they have the flexibility to delegate tasks to another trusted service provider. The originating service provider remains 100% responsible for the quality of service.

We understand that how any one service performs is a direct reflection on all of us. If you’re not 100% happy with the service provided by any of our listed service providers, you have the freedom to reach out to ANY service provider on our list, and they will step in to make things right.

Our aim is to supercharge your service while partnering with quality service providers, ultimately delivering greater value to your clients. The win-win-win. All that we ask is if realtors are happy with the service provided, they agree to make a social media post and tag the service provider. We would greatly appreciate your support in supporting you.

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